Sunday, March 3, 2013

'Mommy I made Potty'

So have you seen the Bleach commercial "mommy I made poopoo?"
Here is the link to it on you-tube if not (

Well... we had our own little version of this last night.  My kids were in the bath when I could hear the youngest kind of whining, which she usually does after being splashed by a sibling or when she is ready to get out, but this time I went in to discover bobbing in the water by here was some poop.

I pulled out the older kids and sent them to our shower with their dad to assist, while I drained the tub, cleaned it up and then washed my daughter off.

This commercial just was running through my head and despite the fact it is kind of a gross thing, it is kind of funny.

I would have to say that I think all my kids have now done this (pooped in the bath) and around this same age.  It almost comes around the time of potty maybe now my little one is ready to start being potty trained if she is like her older siblings (or at least I can hope so!)

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  1. Oh the memories! Only I don't think all of you
    did it. Just one or two.
    Joys of motherhood, huh?