Monday, November 4, 2013

More time or another me!

I decided that I either need more time or another me around.  It seems like there is so much to do right now as we are trying to sell our house, FSBO style, and with the holiday season upon us.  I barely got into the Halloween spirit and missed being more excited about it.  I really love Thanksgiving (even thought it seems like now all people can talk about it Christmas) and hope that I can get the spirit of it before the day before.
I know I can't have more time or another me...well I could have more awake time, if I sacrificed sleep, but a grumpy mom on top of a already frazzled one, just might not be worth it!!
Anyway, I know I can't have time or a double, but if I could I think that I would pick another me over more time.  With another me I could put one to work getting the things done and feeling "productive" and then I could spend MORE time sitting with my kids, reading to them, making cookies with them (aka a small mess), doing thoughtful things for their dad, or going on walks, enjoying the last few days of warm before the cold and even then, maybe I would be more willing to get all bundled up and go outside knowing that all the extra layers and laundry would be manageable with another me to help. Another me to be a cute, thoughtful mom and WIFE would be AmaZing.  

Well I just had to clear my mind and type out this thought so that I can realize what it truly important and have some renewed energy to keep going, since as my mom always says, "this too, shall pass."  

The things I want my kids to remember is that they are loved and that I love spending time with them...not that a clean house was more important.  Now back to cleaning, or maybe I'll read a book with my kids first!!

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  1. I think you are Amazing! messes will always be there to clean, kids won't.